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John Ross

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John Ross of NY POLYGRAPH has a proven record of accomplishments with many leading criminal defense attorneys, law enforcement agencies, major corporations, and many small individually owned companies and dealing with individual family situations.

NY POLYGRAPH has successfully conducted polygraph examinations for attorneys in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maryland, Florida, Arizona, California, Singapore, Guam, Germany, Israel, and Italy, involving murder, rape, arson, child abuse, child molestation, theft, fraud, drug trafficking, embezzlement, immigration, statement verification, forgery, assault, sexual harassment, domestic violence, infidelity, and more.

NY POLYGRAPH has conducted polygraph examinations for law enforcement agencies and many private investigators from the tristate area in helping their clients resolve their cases. College and University students, along with West Point cadets, have been supported with NY Polygraph services.

John Ross has resolved a thousand cases in the last 40 years, some being in the NYC Diamond District, Wall Street area, Hunts Point Market the Banking Industries, and various other industries from major service companies to many individually owned companies throughout the country.

NY POLYGRAPH is not part of any referral service who may not have the proper experience or be school trained in polygraph approved by the American Polygraph Association. John Ross / Owner will be the only one to answer the phone when you call and answer all your questions regarding the proper way of conducting a polygraph examination.

All examinations done by NY Polygraph are always 100% confidential. John Ross is available to come to your home, office, attorney, or correctional facility, or a professional conference office/room can be set up near you. A private, confidential conference room is also available in Middletown NY 10940 - Goshen NY 10924 by appointment only.

NY POLYGRAPH has no advertising on any vehicle or equipment like others may have that would alert anyone of you having a polygraph test done to ensure your confidentiality.

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