A payment invoice request from Authorize.net will be emailed to you once we agree on the date & time.

I will need your complete name and email address. All payments need to be in the name of the person requesting the examination. You may use any major credit card or debit card. Sorry, no personal checks for any reason can be excepted. All examinations will require a nonrefundable deposit to secure the date & time. No date or time slot will be kept open without the deposit.

Remember it is your responsibility to ensure the person taking the examination is drug-free, including smoking marijuana three days before the examination, alcohol-free, not on any asthmatic inhalers, pain medications, has no present heart condition.

No refunds are given on deposits for any reason as you are asking me to secure a date & time for your examination. If the results are inconclusive due to drug use, unknown medical condition, the person does not cooperate with instructions, is unwilling to take the examination or is unable to take the examination for any reason, or the location is not suitable for proper testing.

Please read carefully before you make the deposit. By making the deposit, you agree and understand that the deposit payment is not refundable for any reason once you submit the payment. You also agree that the deposit is to secure the date & time of the examination. You also agree that NY POLYGRAPH has no control of the examination results. By submitting this deposit, you understand the results will be either truthful, deceptive, or inconclusive. Being inconclusive can be caused by many factors, and NY POLYGRAPH has no control of this.

You understand that the use of certain drugs, smoking of marijuana, alcohol, the presence of an unknown medical condition (pulmonary and heart), or continuously moving or not following proper instructions can cause the results to be inconclusive. If the results are inconclusive, I understand and agree that it is an acceptable result of my examination.

All papers, charts, notes, and reports are the sole property of NY POLYGRAPH, and I understand that they are not part of the official written report.

All payments are secured through Authorize.net for your protection. Additionally, NY POLYGRAPH has no access to your information other than that the invoice was paid or declined.


Please read carefully

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